New Year, New Words: Crafting Resolutions for Writers and Authors

Strategic New Year’s Resolutions for Writers and Authors to Elevate Their Craft

Wilbur Greene
Jan 1, 2024
9 min read
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Happy New Year, everyone! As we step into this fresh calendar, brimming with untouched potential and unexplored opportunities, it’s the perfect time for us, the writers and authors, to set our sights on new horizons. Every New Year brings with it the tradition of resolutions — those promises we make to ourselves to change, grow, or achieve something significant. For us in the literary world, these resolutions are not just about personal or physical goals; they are about our journey with words, stories, and characters.

As a writer, I’ve come to realize the immense value of tailoring New Year’s resolutions to fit our unique craft. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s about crafting a roadmap for the year ahead that can guide our writing journey. The key, however, lies in setting realistic and achievable objectives. Lofty ambitions are inspiring, but they often lack the clarity and practicality needed for real progress.

This year, I’m focusing on resolutions that are grounded in my writing aspirations and aligned with what’s practically achievable. Whether it’s finishing that elusive novel draft, dedicating more time to honing my writing skills, or finally starting that blog I’ve been thinking about, my resolutions are stepping stones towards larger goals, tailored to enhance my journey as a writer.

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