Fiction & Poetry

Echoes of Solitude

The Dance of Despair and Hope

Wilbur Greene
Sep 30, 2023
1 min read

In a world where voices constantly collide,
Silence reigns, where secrets reside.
Loneliness, dressed in opulent attire,
Dances with shadows, never to tire.

Each heartbeat echoes a tale untold,
Of spirits broken, yet dreams bold.
Whispers of doubt, anxiety’s song,
In the mind’s vast chambers, they prolong.

The night, with its inky, vast domain,
Holds the tears, the fears, the silent pain.
Yet, within its cloak, a silver seam,
The hopeful thread of a forgotten dream.

Loneliness, not just an empty space,
But a realm, where thoughts interlace.
Anxiety, not just a fleeting feeling,
But the weight of existence, ever-stealing.

But from the abyss, a subtle light gleams,
A reminder of hope, in midnight dreams.
For in the profound depths of despair,
Lies the strength, the will to repair.

And though the journey might seem endless,
Know that love's embrace is boundless.
In this vast cosmos of uncertainty,
The soul finds its shared fraternity.

For in the heart's most secluded chambers,
Reside tales of valiant endeavours.
And though loneliness might claim the night,
Together, we rise to the morning light.

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